Sam, great thoughts on wintering. Can't remember where I saw this, but as a response to trying to start new things during the winter -- it doesn't make sense; just as cold weather is a signal for a time for pruning in the garden, so too is it for the mind and body.

That being said, winter doesn't necessarily need to lead to dormancy. I've found the "off-season" -- in life and and in sport -- is a chance to stop focusing on the immediate skills you need "in-season" and instead focus on building your base. For me, that's shifting to strength building now, in anticipation of of a heavier endurance focus in the late winter and spring (XC/alpine skiing leading to hiking and trail running).

Plus, beach season is only 180 days away -- it's time to bulk!

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The idea of Wintering and adapting to the season of life really resonated with me.

I've been trying to tap into my natural rhythms more this year. This article was a good reminder to throttle back a little during this time to rest, recover, and regroup for greater strength later on.

Thanks for this awesome piece of writing Sam!

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